Sustainability & Ethics

At SULTANY we only use environmentally friendly processes for developing and manufacturing your scrunchies. We take every step to minimise our carbon footprint and act sustainably in each and every field of our business. How do we do that?


As an ethical brand we care about everyone involved in the production process. We only work with local tailors to ensure safe and healthy working conditions, including an adequate wage.

Fabrics and Packaging

We are aware that the main environmental impact in the textile industry is manifested by the discharge of high amounts of chemical loads into the receiving environment. We decided to only locally source our fabrics to better understand the origin and the way our fabrics have been manufactured. Additionally, we make the majority of our scrunchies out of the most environmental friendly fabrics: organic cotton or linen.

Another way we try and reduce our environmental impact is by producing our scrunchies in small quantities to avoid overproduction. We also use a specific sewing pattern and buy our fabrics in a matter that keeps us from producing any waste.

At SULTANY we are convinced that beautiful packaging should not harm the environment. That’s why we decided to not use plastic during the entire supply chain. Your scrunchies will arrive in a SULTANY fabric bag and paper envelope. If you order larger quantities we try to use recycled paper boxes to ship your scrunchies. Using recycled materials helps to save resources and reduces the amounts of waste going to landfills. 


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