4 Different Ways of Wearing Your Creamy Linen Scrunchie

4 Different Ways of Wearing Your Creamy Linen Scrunchie

The creamy linen scrunchie is probably the most versatile scrunchie. Whether you have long or short, thick or thin hair, you can't go wrong with our creamy linen scrunchie. 

The beauty of it is the fact that you can style it so many different ways. You can also change it's appearance depending on how you "pull" the fabric.

Here are some hair styles with our creamy linen scrunchie. Let us know if you have styled your creamy linen scrunchie any differently! 


1. The simple ponytail

Timeless and elegant. The otherwise pretty boring hairstyle is spiced up with the creamy linen scrunchie. Due to it's super thin but sturdy fabric, it doesn't make thin hair look any thinner - the opposite is the case. Many of our customers are surprised to find that the creamy linen scunchie adds a bit of volume to the ponytail. 


2. The pretty bow

How to get this adorable bow? Just pull the fabric up in the middle and voila, your ponytail becomes the highlight of any outfit. We're obsessed with this look!

3. The simple braid

How about finishing your beautiful braid with a creamy linen scrunchie? If your hair isn't as thick, make sure to twist the scrunchie into opposite directions to get a more petite sized look.

4. The low bun

So simple and so elegant. No other hairstyle is celebrating a bigger comeback this year. We love the way it looks with a creamy linen scrunchie. 

Thank you to Sara and our friends from dear mara who helped achieve all these different looks! <3



The high bun

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